woodpecker coats

Will Poho a long time coat designer and manufacturer is back with a new Cruelty free Parka line called Woodpecker. Woodpecker is a high end Parka brand that updates time honored Canadian Parkas with an ethical cruelty free (Vegan) twist. According to Will Poho, “ there are much better alternatives to down and fur. We respect animals and we refuse to use down and fur in our products. Our products are always in heat, never in fur!”

Woodpecker is a satirical brand with a good hearted, mischievous character, much like the bird its named after. Will Poho – “ Who wants a rainbow with only one colour? Woodpecker believes that diversity is what makes the world such a magical place. It takes every size, shape, colour and gender to make this planet what it is. Whoever you are, whatever you identify to be. Woodpecker welcomes you with open wings and open paws. “

The woodpecker team

the beaver

The Beaver is the workaholic of the animal crew. You believe that it’s important to be first in and last out of the office. Work is life. Rules are made for a reason and they’re made to be followed. The world is a crazy chaotic place and only through hard work, diligence, order and structure can we ever really make sense of it all. You’re the one with the “get ‘er done” attitude and you put your nose to the grindstone to finish even the most ambitious of projects. Beavers truly believe that the great things we build in life end up building us.

the rooster

The Rooster isn’t afraid to wake up the world. Your morning call reminds everybody just how important you are. The Rooster is the loudmouth of the group, the talker, walking around chest puffed out and head held high. But you don’t just talk the talk. You walk the walk. Roosters know what they want and aggressively go for it. You have that never say die attitude and a great belief in yourself, and that’s why everybody tolerates all that noise.

the wolf

The Wolf is mysterious, dark and brooding. You are the artist of the group. Behind those piercing eyes lies a quick mind that’s always working, and a beating heart full of passion and intensity. The wolf is not one for small talk and games. There is a noble life plan for all creatures and a true life philosophy that the wolf believes in. There is a code of the forest, a way to act and live, and you believe in sticking to that code. The wolf is the most instinctual of the creatures and acts on feel and vibes. When they hear you howling at the moon, no one questions why, they just answer the call of the wild.

the bear

The Bear takes it easy, sniffing out the good times and strolling through life in the slow lane. You feel that life is a marathon, not a sprint, and you take time to smell the roses, absorbing the sights and sounds around you. Bears are loyal to friends and slow to anger but watch out, they pack a pretty mean punch and can roar with a fierceness that could shake even the tallest of trees. When push comes to shove, you would rather spend most of the time searching for that pot of honey at the end of the rainbow.

the racoon

The Racoon is a lovable scoundrel, a trouble maker, always getting into tricky situations. More at home in the city than the other animals, you’re an opportunist and know that living for today is the only right way to do things. You’re a real night owl and hit the streets with a twinkle in your eye and a spring in your step. Racoons are curious and inquisitive by nature and are innate problem solvers. You can figure out a conundrum that might leave other animals stumped. Racoons are real sh*t talkers, always wheeling and dealing their way through life.